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Precision Hyundai Spring Service


We’ll change your oil and filter and top up all your fluids, conduct a visual mechanical inspection, check your brakes and provide you with a written Vehicle Inspection Report, rotate your tires or swap tires on your vehicle (mounted assembly only) and inspect complete charging system, including battery. $15 additional for V6 and V8 engines. Environmental handling charges may apply. †29 Piece Car Cleaning Kit may not be exactly as shown. While quantities last. Offer ends June 18th, 2021.

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Accessories, Wiper Blades & Air Filters - 15% OFF

Get through the season in style with your choice of Genuine Hyundai Accessories. And don’t forget to replace your wiper blades to get you through the spring showers – plus a change of air filter will keep your cabin pollutant free and breathing easy all season long. It’s recommended you replace your air filter every 12 months.

Electronics and alloy wheels are not included with this promotion. Please ask your service advisor for details.

EXPIRES: 06/18/2021
Tires - Up To $100 Off

Twenty brands to choose from. Discount provided directly by applicable tire manufacturer ranging from $35 to $100 with the purchase of a set of four tires. Visit website of each tire brand for product eligibility, terms, conditions, and promotion period. Installation is available in our Service Department. Please ask your Service Advisor for details.

EXPIRES: 06/18/2021
Fuel Injector Cleaner - 15% OFF

Fuel injector cleaner is required as part of the scheduled maintenance and it helps achieve optimum vehicle performance. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to build-up of carbon deposits which can result in vehicle drivability issues and poor fuel economy.

Based on the variability of fuel quality and the driving conditions, service intervals may vary so please speak to your service advisor for details.

EXPIRES: 06/18/2021
4 Wheel Alignment $129.95

Wheel Alignments are an excellent way to keep you and your vehicle traveling down the road safely. Frequent wheel alignments will also extend the life of your tires.

We will inspect and adjust (if needed);

  • Caster
  • Camber
  • and Toe
  • Suspension & Steering Linkage
  • Road test

A before and after results printed color report card will be provided.

Cabin Air Filter $59.95

By replacing the Cabin Filter once a year you are ensuring the air in the interior of your car stays contaminate free.

Our Cabin Air filters are engineered to trap harmful particles such as:

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Mold spores
  • Smoke
  • Soot and smog

Ask about or Sanitizing option for your cabin air filter replacement.

On most Hyundai models. Exceptions include 2015+ Genesis sedan ($66.95), 2019+ Elantra/ Elantra GT ($72.49), 2020 Palisade ($72.49), Kona EV/Ionic EV ($91.49), 2019+ Santa Fe ($66.49), 2020 Sonata ($66.49), 2018+Kona ($66.49)

Engine Air Filer $49.95

Replacement of the Engine Air Filter is vital for maximizing fuel efficiency along with reducing emissions and prolonging the life of your engine.

By replacing your Engine Filter once a year you are ensuring that your engine is breathing properly and continuing to run as designed.

Synthetic Oil Upgrade $59.95

Synthetic oil is designed with a lower freezing point and a higher burning point then regular oil giving your engines moving parts a greater level of protection.

By upgrading to synthetic oil you are giving your cars engine more lubrication for those cold winter starts.

Brake Service $164.95

By regularly inspecting and servicing your brakes you will ensure a longer life span of all the brake components.

We will:

  • Inspect the pads/rotors and fluid condition
  • Disassemble your braking system
  • Lubricate the caliper pin sliders
  • Eliminate any abnormal wear patterns that are visible

Reassemble the braking system and road test for final inspection.

Brake Fluid Flush $128.95

Exchanging brake fluid is the only way to prevent

  • Unwanted moisture related corrosion inside the braking system
  • Avoid failure of internal brake system components

Replacing your brake fluid will:

  • Maintain vehicle safety
  • Ensure more responsive braking and quieter stops
Windshield Wiper Replacement starting from $59.95


Choose from our OEM replacement blades or upgrade to our all-weather wiper blades.

Our inventory of wiper blades is not limited to just Hyundai models. Ask us if we have a solution for what ever vehicle you own needing wiper replacements. We know we do.

Windshield Replacement starting @$279.95

 Yes, we do in store same day windshield replacements!

Offer is open to most vehicle brands, not just Hyundai. (Prices may vary by brand and model).

Please call ahead for a quote and to make an appointment.

Battery & Alternator testing $59.95

Having issues starting your vehicle?

Ensure your vehicles power delivery system is in tip top condition for all of our seasons.

A common test that is used to help rule out other issues is an AVR test (Amperage/Voltage/Resistance).

The charging system is your vehicles main power supply while running. The alternator function is to supply amperage to the electrical system and also to keep the battery charged.

An AVR TEST checks

  1. Battery
  2. Starter System
  3. Starting System
  4. System Voltage
  5. Alternator Output – (Under Load & No Load)
  6. Draw Test/Parasitic Test (If required)
  7. Volt Drop Test


Coolant Fluid Exchange $171.95

One of the most common reasons for major engine repairs is due to overheating.

Ensuring the Engine Coolant is inspected and replaced on a regular basis will:

  1. Increase the vehicles cooling system performance
  2. Decrease the chance of overheating

Our fluid exchange process uses equipment that extracts all fluid rather than simply draining. This method ensures that all of the old fluid and containment’s are removed while refilling the system with new fluid.

All Wheel Drive Service $199.95

Unlike front wheel drive vehicles, an All Wheel Drive has a more complex system that includes three separate differentials:

  • one in the front
  • another in the center
  • and one in the rear

The center differential is commonly known as the transfer case and it has a job all its own. In simple terms, the function of the The transfer case is to fine-tune precisely how and when the vehicles power is transferred to the front and rear wheels.

When and how often upkeep is required is completely dependent on the conditions, terrain and circumstances in which you put your AWD through, this is the most important indicator of whether more maintenance is required. If you are only driving on asphalt roads, then following the manufacturer’s operators manual should be sufficient.

Hyundai recommends inspecting the system every 48,000 Km’s.

Our service equipment uses an extractor method that will not only completely remove all the old fluid and containment’s but also at the same time refills with new fluid.

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