Our Happy Customers

"The Hyundai vehicle exceeded my expectations. I've driven both Volkswagen and BMW in the past, and the Hyundai vehicle exceeded my expectations. It's a great brand and very consistent. I like dealing with Precision Hyundai because they are straight forward. There are no games and they wouldn't dream of taking advantage They always ensure they get you out the door happy."
- Mark Herd
"Precision Hyundai is well-established and has a core group of long time employees - they know their brand. It's a family-run and operated business with a vested interest in making it run right. It's not run by someone who has a number of dealerships set up for him. The staff are very knowledgeable - and share that knowledge with the customer. I was talking to some other people who had purchased Hyundais from other dealerships about some features and information about my car. They commented that I knew much more about my car than they did and that their salesperson hadn't shared as much information."
- Bryn Fairlie

"What is I see is that the Precision team has pride in working there. They go over and above with customer service and follow-up. They're always looking to improve and exceed expectations, not just meet them."

- Brian Mitchell
"There are Hyundai dealerships that are more convenient, but we want to deal with Precision - they've kept us for 30 years. They have serviced my cars for over 1,000,000 kilometers and I'm totally satisfied They do what they say they will and I never feel gouged. They're honest and reliable. I have never had a breakdown with one of my Hyundais in the middle of nowhere - because they service our vehicles."
- Rick LeBlanc
"I deal with Precision Hyundai because I can trust them. I feel very comfortable there - they take care of things with no questions or arguments."
- Pierr Veilleux"Precision Hyundai made purchasing my new vehicle much simpler. I know I got more bang for my buck for the price and it's a very safe car."
- Nathan Floyd
"I've always dealt with Dusty O'Neill - he just goes above and beyond. I was a was a die-hard Toyota fan for 20 years, but have switched to Hyundai and I'm very impressed. I think it comes down to who runs and owns the dealership. I've always had a great experience and have always referred Precision Hyundai to other people; it's very well run."
- Tammy Ish
"I appreciate the dependability of the vehicles and the staff. The Precision Hyundai technicians are fantastic and know how to look after these vehicles. Dusty O'Neill is always great to deal with and has that personal touch. It's one stop shopping."
- Dan Oldford
"I had gone to three other Hyundai dealerships and I wasn't being listened to. Dusty O'Neill understood what I wanted and didn't try to force me into something I didn't want. I used to drive a Lexus for a long time, and I didn't like the new model. I'm really happy with what I got - it would have cost $20,000 more than I paid for the Hyundai to get a Lexus with less safety features."
- Robert McKinzie
"Dealing with Precision Hyundai removes the uncertainty around where to go to purchase and service my vehicles. I have a place to go where I know I get good value and good care. I don't have to shop the market and look at a whole new arena of cars. We get a great deal of value in a Hyundai - there are lots of features, it comes with 80% of the features of a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes for 60% of the cost. I like the fact the Precision staff are down to earth and it's not as sterile an environment like you'd find with a national corporation."
- Tom Lipp