New to Canada?

Little to no Canadian credit history?

We can help you to get the financing for your first Canadian vehicle. Hyundai Motor Finance has created a policy specifically for new Canadians. Our Finance Team will work with you and help you navigate your way through the process.

Here are some of the details along with what you'll need to have:

Foreign Executive Policy - Hyundai Motor Finance

Program Details:
· Rate: Same rate as per Hyundai Promotional Lease program and Hyundai Motor Finance Standard Retail Program bulletin
· Term: per Hyundai Promotional Lease program and HMF Standard Retail Program bulletin (cannot exceed applicant's length of stay in Canada)

Program Requirements:
· Job letter; including income, hire date, position and length of stay in Canada
· Copy of Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
· Copy of VISA and Passport
· Copy of Current Pay Stub
· 2 Canadian References
· Verification of Residence

Qualification under this program subject to verification prior to approval

To find out how you can own your first Canadian vehicle, visit one of our sales managers at Precision Hyundai at Deerfoot Trail & Glenmore Trail in The Calgary Automall.

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