Staff of Precision Hyundai

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  • John Robinson
    Dealer Principal

  • Andrew Robinson
    General Manager

  • Matt Campbell
    New Vehicle Sales Manager

    Matt Campbell is our New Vehicle Sales Manager. He holds 10 years experience in the Auto Industry, 4 of which with Precision Hyundai. He has worked with a few manufacturers but came to Hyundai because the product is very high quality, reliable, innovative and exciting.

  • Nicolas Sage
    Floor Manager

    Nicolas Sage is our Floor Manager with Precision Hyundai. He has been in the Auto Industry for 10 years. He enjoys the quality and craftsmanship Hyundai puts into their vehicles. Specifically the European styling/design of all new Hyundai vehicles.

  • Omar Taha
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • Chris Grace
    Assistant Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales Manager

  • Sean Robinson
    Service Manager

  • Tyler McKay

  • XinMei Li
    Accounting Assistant

  • Trevor Staseson
    Manager of Customer Experience

  • Jack Ng
    Parts Manager

  • Don Martel
    Wholesale Account Manager

  • Dusty W. O'Neill
    Sales Consultant

    Dusty O'Neill is a Sales Consultant with Precision Hyundai. He has 25 years of Auto sales experience 23 of which with our Precision Hyundai.
    He's seen Hyundai grow as a brand as new models were added and the quality ratings have steadily improved over the years.
    His hobbies include camping and reading all different kinds of literature (classics to action and adventure novels).

  • Robert Koonin
    Sales Consultant

    Robert Koonin is one of our Sales Consultants with Precision Hyundai. He was born and educated in  Johannesburg South Africa. He speaks 2 languages fluently, English and Afrikaans, which is a dialect of Dutch. He holds 14 years experience in the Auto Industry - 5 of them being with Hyundai. The reason he like selling the Hyundai brand is because it is phenomenal in terms of its reliability, great looks and wonderful  handling.  When he isn't selling cars, he loves  watching sports as he no longer play due to not being a youngster anymore, but it seems that not so long ago he had no difficulty playing 10 sets of tennis in a day or playing 36 holes of golf either. He enjoys Classical music,  West Coast Jazz, Country and Western as well as Blue Grass.

  • Aleksandr Jesenikov
    Sales Consultant

  • Godfrey Sagrado
    Sales Consultant

    Godfrey Sagrado has been the auto industry for 3 years and is available to help customers who not only speak English, but Tagalog, Arabic & Spanish as well.

  • Paige Phillips
    Sales Consultant

  • Karim Sunderji
    Sales Consultant

  • Josh Whiteley
    Sales Consultant

  • Bill Sakkalis
    Sales Consultant

  • Ziad Taha
    Sales Consultant

  • Ahmed Mansour
    Sales Consultant

  • Terrilyn Anderson
    Financial Services Manager

  • Ed Drolet
    Financial Services Manager

  • Ashley Charrington
    Service Advisor

  • Jared Blackmore
    Service Advisor

  • Amy Berry
    Service Advisor

  • George Brown
    Warranty Administrator

     George Brown was born in Scotland and came to Canada in 1965. He has 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, 32 of which with Precision Hyundai! Before becoming our Warranty Administrator, he was an Interprovincial Red Seal Heavy Duty Mechanic as well as an Interprovincial Red Seal Automotive mechanic for over 20 years. When he's not at work, his hobbies include rebuilding both classic and muscle cars from the early 60's to early 70's.

  • Chanthoeun Harris
    Appointment Coordinator

  • Kimberly Valvasori
    Customer Service Advisor

  • Melissa Tulk
    Detail Manager

  • Tymon Hudkins
    Parts Advisor

  • Brett Busby
    Parts Advisor

  • Sam Collazo-Raigoza
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician

    Sam Collazo-Raigoza was born in Mexico and worked with different racing teams in Mexico as well as USA. He was working at a racing school prior to working with us at Precision Hyundai. Sam is a Red Seal Technician in Canada as well as Mexico. He is also a Hyundai Senior Master Technician with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry (7 of which with Hyundai). Sam is both fluent in English and Spanish, and is ready to help any Spanish speaking customer in all departments. He likes the reliability, friendly technology and comfort of Hyundai vehicles. He feels they are set at affordable prices and have excellent warranty coverage.

  • Wes Yeliga
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician

    Wes Yeliga is a Red Seal, Interprovincial Technician as well as a Hyundai Senior Master Technician with 42 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is nearing his 30th year with Precision Hyundai! He appreciates the new Hyundai body styles because he feels they are easier to work on. He was born in Coleman, Alberta and enjoys cooking and woodworking. 

  • Manny Perez
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Manny Perez was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Calgary 20 years ago. He holds his Journeyman and Out of Province Licenses, as well as being a Hyundai Master Technician. He has 12 years of automotive experience, 4 of which with Precision Hyundai. In addition to English, Manny is fluent in Tagalog (dialect Ilocano and Pangasinan).  He is an avid racing fan (Formula 1 and WRC) and enjoys playing classic rock with his guitar. He will tell you, Hyundai has one of the best warranties, and their quality, design and innovation is what he enjoys best about them.

  • Brandon Ross
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Brandon Ross is a born and raised Calgarian, enjoying Hockey, Baseball and Football. He holds 7 years of experience in the automotive industry, 2 of which with Hyundai. In addition to achieving his Automotive Service Technology Diploma and Journeyman Certificate from SAIT, he is one of our Hyundai Master Technicians. Brandon will tell you that he enjoys Hyundai's consistency across the brand, for example the same engine and transmission set up across different vehicles.

  • Chris Bourdeau
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician

    Chris is a Red Seal Technician as well as a Hyundai Senior Master Technician.  He has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, 13 of which with Precision Hyundai. Chris will tell you that he believes Hyundai is an up and coming brand with innovative technology.

  • Jaeyong Ju
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Jaeyong Ju is a Red Seal Technician as well as a Hyundai Master Technician. He has 11 years of automotive experience, and 3 years with Precision Hyundai. In addition to English, Jae is fluent in Korean and is always ready to help translate for Korean speaking customers in all departments. Jae likes the Hyundai brand because they have good technical support with a simple product and good technology. He will tell you Hyundai has a good warranty and he likes dealing with customers, even if they aren't happy their vehicle needs a repair. He likes that Hyundai customers trust him, and visit again.

  • Robert Saxby
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Rob Saxby was born in Saskatchewan, and is a big Riders fan. In addition to being a Hyundai Master Technician and in his 3rd year Apprenticeship; he is an avid fisherman as well as musician.
    Rob is nearing 6 years of industry experience, 5 of them being with Hyundai. Rob will tell you that Hyundai's continuing commitment to improving and innovating new vehicle technology as well as making it available to the common demographic is one of the things he enjoys about working with Hyundai.

  • Terry Hartwick
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Terry Hartwick is a born and raised Calgarian! Terry has 5 years of automotive experience with Hyundai. He is currently in his 4th year apprenticeship at SAIT as well as a Hyundai Master Technician. Terry feels the Hyundai brand does a great job at selling innovative, reliable and safe vehicles.

  • Chad Killback
    Hyundai Technician

  • Gareth Henderson
    Service Lot Attendant

  • Lukas Beaucage

  • Sasha Kirkland
    Daytime Reception

    "Thank you for making the Precision Decision"
    Sasha has been with Precision Hyundai for 4.5 years now and during the day, is the first person you speak to when phoning our dealership. She moved here from Northern Ontario 6 years ago. She will tell you hands down, her next purchase will more than likely be the new Hyundai Tucson.

  • Kelsey McKay
    Evening Reception

  • Stephen Fleming
    Lot Supervisor

  • Roger Castillo
    Lot Attendant

  • Ted Stewart
    Lot Attendant

  • Merv Cole
    Shuttle Driver

  • Sam Khayvongsone
    Shuttle Driver