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  • John Robinson
    Dealer Principal

    John has been in the automotive industry for 40 years. He's seen significant changes in the industry - many car dealerships are now owned by groups who own up to 50-60 dealerships. Some of these dealerships have only been in business for a short time and general managers are rotated from location to location frequently.

    As the founding principal, in 1983, of the first Hyundai dealership in Western Canada and the fourth nationally, John is proud to have the Robinson name associated with this family-owned and operated business. Precision Hyundai offers longevity and a consistent experience based on building long-term relationships with its clients.

  • Andrew Robinson
    General Manager

    A native Calgarian, Andrew attended the Georgian Automotive Business School where he studied marketing, accounting, legal and manufacturing courses, among others, all valuable for the path he saw for himself.

     After graduating, Andrew gained practical experience by selling new and pre-owned cars and learning from more seasoned salespeople in the industry.

     When he had garnered several years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Hyundai brand and the dealership, Andrew earned the role of General Manager in 2003.

  • Matt Campbell
    New Vehicle Sales Manager

    Matt has been in our industry for 11 years and with Precision Hyundai since 2013. As our New Vehicle Sales Manager, he works with customers and oversees our new car sales team, while also ensuring the sales process and financing run smoothly when customers purchase a vehicle.

     How does Precision Hyundai stand out?

     I've got a ton of respect for the management here. I've worked elsewhere and I'd rather work here where I'm happy - it's a great environment and I like the fact it's a not part of a big organization.

  • Nicolas Sage
    Floor Manager

    With a father who was a general manager of a car dealership, Nicolas has grown up in the industry. For ten years, before joining Precision Hyundai, he worked at a Vancouver dealership. He believes Hyundai is a great quality vehicle - he likes the European styling and good craftsmanship. As Floor Manager, part of his role is to ensure all our customers have a great experience.

     What's the one key differentiator we have here?

     The fact that it's a family-run business is significant. I've worked at other dealerships and they are very corporate. We don't have that here - we're very close and we respect each other. There's a positive culture and I look forward to going to work.

  • Omar Taha
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    Omar has been working at Precision Hyundai for 13 years now. He brings an ability to understand clients' needs, along with the goal of building long-term relationships to his role of Pre-owned Sales Manager.

     What's the one key differentiator that Precision Hyundai has?

    We excel at the after sale part of the process. Until you purchase something, you're not really going to know what the relationship will be like. It's only after the sale that you can really see how you will be treated - whether there will be follow-up and excellent service and I think we do a great job at that. Precision Hyundai is not like most dealerships - it's family run and I feel like part of a group. It's a good environment to work in.

  • Chris Grace
    Assistant Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales Manager

    Chris has been around the auto industry his entire life as his father also worked in it. He's worked in all areas and is Precision Hyundai's Assistant Manager of the Pre-Owned Car Department.

    How does Precision Hyundai differentiate itself from other dealerships?

    Being family-owned makes all the difference for employees and for customers. it's more personal for customers. The car business is a tough business and that's why at other dealerships, there's often a lot of turnover. I don't like working for big corporations - this is a good place to work. The owners and staff are all good people.

  • Sean Robinson
    Service Manager

    Sean has been in the industry for over 18 years and has been the Service Manager for four years. His first job was washing cars at Precision Hyundai. Today, his role is to make sure customers have their cars serviced right and on time, and to help them if there are any issues.

    Why are you good in your role?

    I think it's important to value customers and have empathy for their concerns. We've developed an excellent process here since 1983, but when there's a situation where things haven't gone right, it's important to rectify it quickly. We've had customers for many years and I like being part of this big family we've got here. We've got a great core staff and I think Andrew is the best mentor and General Manager in the city.

  • Tyler McKay

  • XinMei Li
    Accounting Assistant

  • Trevor Staseson
    Manager of Customer Experience

    Trevor has worked in the automotive industry since 1988. He has been in sales and managed various departments at different dealerships for many years, and has been with Precision Hyundai for 14 years. He resolves customer concerns and ensures, if there is an issue, a customer is always called back within 24 hours.

     How is Precision Hyundai different from other dealerships?

     It's a family-run business that still adheres to its family values - we're a breath of fresh air because of the difference in how we deal with customers. We have had customers come to us reluctantly because of recent past experiences and they tell us repeatedly, how differently they are treated here.

     The company culture and management style exudes from everyone - everyone here has those values. We speak from the heart and I mean that very sincerely.

  • Jack Ng
    Parts Manager

    Jack joined us 17 years ago as a Lot Attendant and has worked his way up to becoming the dealership's Parts Manager.  He's always liked cars and is detailed oriented and organized which are important in his role - he orders and tracks a significant amount of parts inventory as well as oversees a team of four.

     How is Precision Hyundai different from other car dealerships?

    It's a great place to work. We don't have a lot of turnover which is good for the staff and for the customers. It's a family owned business and they offer a great environment to work in. The General Manager/Owner is on site and that's essential.

  • Don Martel
    Wholesale Account Manager

  • Dusty W. O'Neill
    Sales Consultant

    There's a reason Dusty has been so successful as a sales consultant - his customers say its because he takes the time to listen and he doesn't try to 'sell' them. For him, it's an opportunity to build a relationship, and not to have a one-off transaction. He's been with the dealership for over 20 years and has built a very loyal customer following.

     What areas do you think Precision Hyundai excels at?

    At many dealerships, you're just a number. Our customers like the fact this a family-run organization and that we've been here a long time. I've had customers who have bought many cars from me over the years. It's a friendly place - and we've got good relationships with each other. I've got a good rapport with the Service Department and that's important for me and my customers.

  • Robert Koonin
    Sales Consultant

    Robert Koonin is one of our Sales Consultants with Precision Hyundai. He was born and educated in  Johannesburg South Africa. He speaks 2 languages fluently, English and Afrikaans, which is a dialect of Dutch. He holds 14 years experience in the Auto Industry - 5 of them being with Hyundai. The reason he like selling the Hyundai brand is because it is phenomenal in terms of its reliability, great looks and wonderful  handling.  When he isn't selling cars, he loves watching sports as he no longer plays due to not being a youngster anymore, but it seems that not so long ago he had no difficulty playing 10 sets of tennis in a day or playing 36 holes of golf either. He enjoys Classical music,  West Coast Jazz, Country and Western as well as Blue Grass.

  • Paige Phillips
    Sales Consultant

    Paige was in the customer service arena for over 10 years in various industries before joining us. She understands how important it is to listen to customers and hear what they have to stay - and to stay within their budget.

     What's different about Precision Hyundai?

    Many dealerships are part of a large chain today - they're just one in a number of dealerships owned by a corporation. There's a more intimate feel here. Having the General Manager on site is a plus. And Hyundai's warranty has unbeatable features.  One of my customers told me recently he would rather have a high end Hyundai with lots of features, than a basic luxury vehicle with few features.

     I think it's important for women to have a female sales consultant if that's their preference. I've heard lots of stories from women who've come into the dealership about their treatment by men at other dealerships, and I'm glad we can offer them a different and better experience.

  • Karim Sunderji
    Sales Consultant

  • Steve Burkinshaw
    Sales Consultant

  • Todd Christensen
    Sales Consultant

  • Rahim Kassam
    Sales Consultant

  • Bill Sakkalis
    Sales Consultant

  • Ziad Taha
    Sales Consultant

  • Ahmed Mansour
    Sales Consultant

  • Ed Drolet
    Financial Services Manager

  • Ashley Charrington
    Service Advisor

    Ashley has been with Precision Hyundai for five years and in the automotive industry since 2008. She is our Service Advisor, and works with customers to define any maintenance or repair issues that are required, and is the liaison between customers and our service technicians.

    How is Precision Hyundai different from other dealerships?

    Because we aren't part of a large corporation, there's a more personal feel here. It's a family-run business, and so it's better for both the customer and staff. As employees, we strive everyday to be better in our jobs and to continue to improve on our service to customers.

  • Jared Blackmore
    Service Advisor

  • George Brown
    Warranty Administrator

    George (the 'George Factor') has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, 32 of which are with Precision Hyundai. Before becoming our Warranty Administrator, he was an Interprovincial Red Seal Heavy Duty Mechanic as well as an Interprovincial Red Seal Automotive mechanic for over 20 years.

     What's kept you at Precision Hyundai for 32 years?

    It's a stand alone, family-owned dealership. I've worked at other dealerships where they are corporately owned with five or six dealerships or more in the group, and you don't get to know the owner. The Robinsons treat their customers and their employees well. John and I used to sit and talk about cars, and I've known Andrew and Sean since they were teenagers. They're good people. It's not like work here, it's fun. I'd like to work here a lot longer.

  • Chanthoeun Harris
    Appointment Coordinator

    Since 2007, Chanthouen has been Precision Hyundai's Service Coordinator, booking appointments and liaising with our clients. She comes from a big family and loves the busyness of her role and the interaction with our customers. Chanthouen thrives on being organized and able to multi-task - solving customer issues and keeping several plates in the air at once.

    What do you love most about working at Precision Hyundai?

    I like the fact it is family owned and there's an easy going aspect to the dealership. All the staff is great and we've got a great culture and rapport with one another.

  • Kimberly Valvasori
    Customer Service Advisor

    Kimberly has worked in the automotive industry for several years and is Precision Hyundai's Customer Service Advisor.

    What does Precision Hyundai do that makes it standout from other automotive dealerships?

    We go above and beyond to make our customers happy. I've worked at other dealerships, and here we definitely do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, far more than I've seen elsewhere.

  • Tymon Hudkins
    Parts Advisor

  • Brett Busby
    Parts Advisor

  • Riley Warham
    Parts Shipper/Receiver

  • Sam Collazo-Raigoza
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician

     Sam Collazo-Raigoza was born in Mexico and worked with different racing teams in Mexico as well as USA. He was working at a racing school prior to working with us at Precision Hyundai. Sam is a Red Seal Technician in Canada as well as Mexico. He is also a Hyundai Senior Master Technician with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry (7 of which with Hyundai). Sam is both fluent in English and Spanish, and is ready to help any Spanish speaking customer in all departments. He likes the reliability, friendly technology and comfort of Hyundai vehicles. He feels they are set at affordable prices and have excellent warranty coverage.

  • Wes Yeliga
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician

    Wes Yeliga is a Red Seal, Interprovincial Technician as well as a Hyundai Senior Master Technician with 42 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is nearing his 30th year with Precision Hyundai! He appreciates the new Hyundai body styles because he feels they are easier to work on. He was born in Coleman, Alberta and enjoys cooking and woodworking. 

  • Manny Perez
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Manny Perez was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Calgary 20 years ago. He holds his Journeyman and Out of Province Licenses, as well as being a Hyundai Master Technician. He has 12 years of automotive experience, 4 of which with Precision Hyundai. In addition to English, Manny is fluent in Tagalog (dialect Ilocano and Pangasinan).  He is an avid racing fan (Formula 1 and WRC) and enjoys playing classic rock with his guitar. He will tell you, Hyundai has one of the best warranties, and their quality, design and innovation is what he enjoys best about them.

  • Brandon Ross
    Hyundai Master Technician

     Brandon Ross is a born and raised Calgarian, enjoying Hockey, Baseball and Football. He holds 7 years of experience in the automotive industry, 2 of which with Hyundai. In addition to achieving his Automotive Service Technology Diploma and Journeyman Certificate from SAIT, he is one of our Hyundai Master Technicians. Brandon will tell you that he enjoys Hyundai's consistency across the brand, for example the same engine and transmission set up across different vehicles.

  • Chris Bourdeau
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician

    Chris is a Red Seal Technician as well as a Hyundai Senior Master Technician.  He has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, 13 of which with Precision Hyundai. Chris will tell you that he believes Hyundai is an up and coming brand with innovative technology.

  • Jaeyong Ju
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Jaeyong Ju is a Red Seal Technician as well as a Hyundai Master Technician. He has 11 years of automotive experience, and 3 years with Precision Hyundai. In addition to English, Jae is fluent in Korean and is always ready to help translate for Korean speaking customers in all departments. Jae likes the Hyundai brand because they have good technical support with a simple product and good technology. He will tell you Hyundai has a good warranty and he likes dealing with customers, even if they aren't happy their vehicle needs a repair. He likes that Hyundai customers trust him, and visit again.

  • Terry Hartwick
    Hyundai Master Technician

    Now in his 4th year of the Interprovincial Red Seal program at SAIT and a Master Technician, Terry is a critical part of our Service Department.

    What do you like about working at Precision Hyundai?

    It's a great place to work and having financial support from Precision Hyundai for my education has been really helpful. Hyundai vehicles are great to work on and the Hyundai lineup of vehicles are solid, reliable cars that continue to evolve and improve.

  • Chad Killback
    Hyundai Technician

  • Veronique Kamke

    Veronique, or V as she's called, has her Interprovincial Red Seal Certification. She's always had a passion for cars. As a young girl, she wasn't allowed to tinker or wander around her grandfather's auto shop. She always wondered why girls weren't allowed to do that, and now she's a woman that can and does.

     What's the one key differentiator that Precision Hyundai has?

     It's a good product and it's easy to work on and reliable. The Service Department here goes above and beyond. There's a culture of making things right and fixing them right the first time. We've got a great team with good people.

  • Gareth Henderson
    Service Lot Attendant

  • Alex Rainham
    Service Lot Attendant

  • Lukas Beaucage

  • Mackenzie Patrick

  • Stephen Fleming
    Lot Supervisor

  • Roger Castillo
    Lot Attendant

  • Ted Stewart
    Lot Attendant

  • Sasha Kirkland
    Daytime Reception

    Sasha is usually the first person you see when you walk into our dealership and the voice at the other end of the line when you call. She's been with us since 2013 and keeps us organized. One of her favourite hobbies is origami - she's very detailed oriented which is critical in her busy role.

     How is Precision Hyundai different from other car dealerships?

    We're pretty friendly here - it's family oriented, not institutional. What I really love about Precision is that they see us not only as employees, but as valued members of the team. I am continually provided the opportunity to cross-train in other departments which keeps me busy and allows me to feel a sense of pride in what I do here. I've come to know many clients who phone in by their voices - we have a lot of repeat customers. It's a welcoming place to work. I feel like part of a family - the Robinsons take care of us, and we take care of them.

  • Kelsey McKay
    Evening Reception

  • Merv Cole
    Shuttle Driver

    After a long career in the automotive industry, our Shuttle Driver Merv keeps his hand in by getting our customers to where they need to be - whether that's home or work. He enjoys his work because he gets to meet nice people all day and drive all over the city.

    What do you hear from customers about Precision Hyundai?

    Everyone seems pretty happy with the Service Department. People tell me they love their vehicles. I'm kind of like a hairdresser - we've got long term customers and after awhile, I get to know about their kids and their grandkids and what's going on in their lives.

  • Sam Khayvongsone
    Shuttle Driver

Loyalty to Precision Hyundai customers and family

'There are several of us with lots of years of experience in the industry. Any one of us could easily find a job somewhere else tomorrow. But we choose to work here.'
                 - Trevor Staseson, Manager of Customer Experience, in the automotive industry since 1988 with 14 years with Precision Hyundai.