About Hyundai Environment - Blue is the new Green


The elite don't have a monopoly on the environment. Nor do they have a monopoly on our responsibility to take care of it. We all have to do our part. That's why Hyundai is taking strides toward making environmental efficiency more affordable. Hyundai is continuously developing high-efficiency, low-emission models. Our goal is to provide the best fuel efficiency ratings of any automotive company out there. After all, everyone can't afford ultra-expensive eco-machines, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to drive something a little greener.


Blue Drive is an emblem that represents Hyundai's comprehensive overhaul of thinking green. With Blue Drive products and technologies, Hyundai aims to lead the industry with the most fuel-efficient cars, crossovers and SUVs.

Blue Drive vehicles are built in ISO 14001 certified plants. This means that the environmental aspects and impacts of the production process are formally managed to meet Hyundai's environmental objectives and policies, as well as our continuously improving environmental performance.

Taking steps in eco-responsibility, Hyundai offers a gas-electric full hybrid with its Sonata Hybrid. Powered by a parallel hybrid drive system, it features lithium polymer battery technology that weighs 30% less, is 50% smaller and is 10% more efficient than the nickel-metal hydride batteries found in many hybrids on the road today.

The company is so committed to fuel efficiency, that Hyundai even made fuel-saving Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI ) technology standard on its most affordable car: the Accent subcompact. GDI simultaneously delivers more horsepower and torque while consuming less fuel and emitting fewer emissions. It's the best of both worlds!

And the future looks bright with continuing research and development investments in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). All to ensure nothing but blue skies ahead.


There are a lot of promising directions that environmentally conscious vehicles are taking. One thing is for certain, though: gas-guzzling won't be an option. This is why Hyundai is branching out into a number of different avenues to protect the environment.

Fuel Cell Vehicles:
Fuel cell technology is an ideal solution in many ways. Zero use of gasoline, no harmful emissions whatsoever. Powered by clean hydrogen. In fact, the only by-products are heat (which is used to power the car) and water. Hyundai introduced the i-Blue concept, showcasing a third-generation fuel cell engine and the first-ever Hyundai built from scratch around the fuel cell power plant itself. The i-Blue is capable of running nearly 600 km before refuelling and can achieve a top speed of more than 160 km/h.

Since early 2011, Hyundai has been offering one of the most advanced hybrids on the market: the Sonata Hybrid. With parallel hybrid architecture, a 6-speed automatic transmission and advanced Lithium Polymer batteries, the Sonata Hybrid offers a unique combination for Canadians looking for an intermediate-sized car with subcompact-sized fuel efficiency. The Sonata Hybrid's powertrain is so advanced, it allows the car to operate in electric mode even at highway speeds.

Electric cars:
Hyundai has provided a fleet of 30 "BlueOn" fully electric vehicles to various government organizations in South Korea. BlueOn can travel up to 130 km/h and has a range of approximately 140 km on a single charge.